What are the standard dimensions of the SugaMat?

The SugaMat measures 72" x 25" (183cm x 64cm) and is 5mm thick.  The XL SugaMat measures 74" x 26" (188cm x 66cm) and is also 5mm thick.

  Thickness of a mat can be deceiving - density is a better measure of a mat's ability to provide cushioning for those high-compression asanas (like side crow/parshva bakasana or hands-free lotus headstand/mukta hasta shirshasana).

How does the SugaMat perform relative to other mats?

The SugaMat has undergone significant R&D and beta-testing prior to being unleashed on yogis worldwide. Although our mats are made from recycled wetsuits, they perform better than any mat on the market.  We have built them to specific tolerances of density, tackiness (both wet and dry), elasticity, durability, and liquid permeability and retention.  We are confident that you'll dig every asana on your SugaMat.

Why does the SugaMat only come in black/charcoal?

Well, mostly because wetsuits are predominantly black.  BUT, exciting news - we now have black and blue speckled mats!  We are working with our recycler/manufacturer to introduce more colorways in the near future - please let us know what colors you would be interested in. 

How do I clean my SugaMat?

Just hose it down (the shower works well!) and let the mat's antimicrobial magic work.  You can also use a mild homemade cleaner (we recommend water-diluted vinegar, with a little lavender & tea-tree oil), then rinse.

How much is shipping?

If you live in the lower 48, shipping is only $9!  If you live in Canada or Mexico, shipping will take a little longer and cost around USD $16.  For our EU and UK friends, shipping costs $65 (but we're working on local distribution!).

Do you offer a warranty?

In the extremely unlikely event that your SugaMat misbehaves during the first 30 days of regular yoga practice, let us know! We are happy to replace it for you. However, if your dog eats your SugaMat, you're on your own (that said, we'll recycle any leftovers - send 'em back clean and we'll happily give you 10% off a future Suga purchase).

What's the SugaMat C2G all about?

The SugaMat C2G (Cradle to Grave) is the same mat as the SugaMat but you're buying a mat for life.  By purchasing a SugaMat C2G, if your mat ever wears out, just send it back and we'll send you a brand new one at our expense, no questions asked.  With SugaMat C2G you're basically purchasing a service rather than a product.

What is the SugaKoozie and how does it work?

If you need to ask this question go lay down in shavasana for a while.  The SugaKoozie is to put your post-surf or post-yoga cold beverage in to keep it cold longer.  You could do the same for hot tea to keep it warm.  However, Suga recommends using the SugaKoozie for locally produced craft beer (just make sure you recycle that can or bottle).

How do you pronounce Süga anyway?

Sü∙ga  >  /su'gǝ/  >  Suu-gah (rhymes with beluga)

What if I've got a question you haven't answered here?

Fire away via our contact page.  We strive to respond to all customer queries within 24 hours.