Wetsuit Recycling



Give us your tired, your weary, your wounded.  We'll take 'em!  Just please make sure they're dry - we don't like stinky wetsuits any more than you do.

In exchange for your wetsuit, we are happy to provide you with a 10% discount (include your email address with donation).  You can drop off your unwanted wetsuits in drop-boxes at these locations:



Be sure to include your contact info so you we can send you a 10% discount code!

If you would like to host a wetsuit collection bin please let us know!

1 to 1 Graphic.png

One wetsuit equals approximately o

ne SugaMat

Mat Recycling

Although the SugaMat is designed to be extremely durable, you may wish to replace it at some point.  Since our mats are made entirely from recycled wetsuits, they are themselves entirely recyclable! As such, we provide a cradle-to-grave recycling service for the SugaMat.

Unfortunately, due to the chemical composition of our competitors' yoga mats (PVC’s and other plastics), we can’t recycle these.  

Feel free to drop off your much-loved and yogified mat at the drop locations above, or mail directly to us and we’ll send along a discount code for any future Suga purchase.

For purchasers of the SugaMat C2G, please make extra sure to enclose your personal info when returning your used mat.   This allows us to match you to our customer database and expedite ship you a brand new, sparkling, state-of-the-art SugaMat.